Love is Like a Breeze?

March 5, 2017


“Love is like a breeze blowing gently on my knees.”   That was a line from the first song I ever wrote at age ten.  I wrote the song after falling into mad puppy love with a freckled face boy from Sunday school who also happened to be one of the first kids in our class to get braces which made him even more desirable. Probably not one of my better lyrical compositions but, nonetheless, it was a start to expressing my emotions and feelings via a musical outlet.  I really thought at age ten that I had love all figured out. Boy was I wrong!  Falling in love is much more complicated than a simple breeze blowing on your knees.  Now that I’m older and have experienced love on many levels I would be more apt to write a song that portrays falling in love as a whirlwind or even a tornado rather than a breeze. I was recently asked if I had a “do over” in life, would I stop myself from falling in love with those who hurt me. I didn’t hesitate to answer no. Let me explain why.  With every painful experience I was able to learn more about myself and grow into the person I have become today. Without experiencing pain I would not have empathy for those who have been in similar situations. I would not have learned the life lessons that were needed for me during that time and when the good experiences came along, I would not have been able to appreciate them in a profound and meaningful way. Some of you may differ in opinion and that is fine. We all have our reasons and before we are quick to judge one another it is important to remember that every situation, every relationship and every person is as complicated and unique as the snowflakes that fall from the sky and what works for one individual may or may not work for another.  As for my first crush, it didn’t end well. Thinking I could impress him with my vocal skills I decided to sing a solo at church. I invited my best friend to church that Sunday for moral support. I sang my heart out. The church applauded. I beamed thinking that my goal had been accomplished. Unfortunately, during the time I was singing my solo, my best friend and my crush had moved in to sit closer to one other and by the time the song was finished they were holding hands. I was devastated, and to top it all off at the potluck dinner after the service, I spilled chocolate ice cream all over my beautiful Sunday dress.  That night I wrote another set of lyrics for my love song. It went like this, 

“Love is like poop. It runs like soup. So leave it alone then you won’t start to droop.”  

Ok, so that might just be the worst lyrics I’ve ever written. Actually that could possibly be the worst lyrics ever written in the history of songwriting. But to my broken ten year old heart they were a powerful expression of my emotions at the time.  Although that experience brought pain, it also taught me several things. First, it taught me not to trust my best friend when it came to boys and secondly, if I was going to sing in public to sing from the heart rather than trying to impress others.  That is something I have carried with me to this day and I am thankful to have learned that lesson at a young age even if it meant having to go through the painful experience of lost love in order to gain that valuable insight.    

So there you have it, the story behind my humble beginnings as a songwriter sprinkled in with a little lesson on love and loss. I hope it made you smile.  


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