The Music of  Mitra Dee

Simple Me

Simple Me is a collection of intimate songs that reflect the life journey of singer-songwriter, Mitra Dee. The music focuses on spirituality and worship to the Creator. Simple Me is well crafted and executed in a polished manner which lends itself well for a time of self refection. From the country inspired Time Flies to the beautifully haunting vocals on Alleluia, this album brings an element of tranquility, self awareness and diversity. Over the years, Simple Me has become a treasured staple to the adult contemporary library and a fan favourite.

Falling Upwards

Falling Upwards is a collection of songs inspired by the poetry of Elaine Yorston and features songs that tell stories and convey emotions as viewed by women/mothers/daughters.
Themes include: miracle of baby/children, losses as people age, troubles that bring us "to our knees" which enables us to reach out, and find strength.

Soul Flight

Soul Flight features the instrumental music of Carolyn Short, combined with the vocalization of Mitra Dee. Unlike the predictable and repetitive sounds being fed to the masses through mainstream media, Soul Flight offers the listener a chance to escape the fast pace of life for a few moments. Place a pair of quality headphones over your tired ears, and hear angelic voices, a harmony of layered keyboard sounds, and a refreshing dialect in the language of music that weaves together this ethereal tapestry we call Soul Flight. 


Songs of Christmas

This collection of timeless carols sung by Mitra Dee will soothe your soul and get you into the
Christmas Spirit as you listen to her angelic vocal arrangements. On this album, the listener will enjoy hearing how the vocals and music have evolved throughout the years. From the 1990's version of "Do You Hear What I Hear" to the current recording of " What Child Is This?" Mitra Dee's music tells the Christmas story through beautiful and relaxing musical melodies.

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